Survivors - the A-Bombed Trees of Hiroshima
may peace prevail on earth (in Japanese)
This site is about the treasured trees, shrubs, and groves in Hiroshima that survived the atomic bombing on August 6th, 1945. They are now carefully tended by the schools, homes, temples, and shrines entrusted by fate with their care.
I'm pleased to announce that many of the photos and stories from this website have now been released in book form as Survivors: The A-bombed Trees of Hiroshima
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Based on a three-year stay in the city by the authors, this pictorial journey into the heart of Hiroshima documents more than 50 sites and 75 trees. There are maps, bilingual place names and addresses, snapshots of local culture, and overviews of each species of plant. Never-before published translations of essays by the a-bomb survivor Tamiki Hara are also included as meditations on the meaning of peace in difficult times.


Sept. 1999
Trees are listed by their distance (in meters) from the hypocenter, location, and then tree name. All trees listed on this page will open onto a new browser window.
may peace prevail on earth (in English)

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