Honkyo-ji: Neolitsea Sericea  tree


13-11 Ote-machi, Naka-ku

Located near Hiroshima City Hall. The Neolitsea Sericea is located behind Honkyo-ji between the cemetary and the carpark. The Peony is located at two places within the cemetary itself.

Neolitsea Sericea: 890m

This Neolitsea Sericea burned to the ground during the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945. Afterwards, buds sprang from the roots, and it recovered.

     Honkyo-ji Neolitsea Sericea plaque

Honkyo-ji: Peony

Peony: 890m

While looking at the Neolitsea an old man approached and told us the following. He was around at the time of the bombing though just a boy. He remembers battling to keep the fires from jumping across the back alley. The highest gravestone in the cemetary still has the scorch marks from the bombing.

The Peony tree was on the grounds of the temple. The temple burnt down but the tree was rescued and replanted in two sites within the cemetary. The temple was rebuilt in the 60s.

The leaves of the plant are extraordinarily large - an effect he believes is due to the radiation.

The echo well (Suikinkutsu -literally water harp cavern) was built 20 years ago. The tone is derived from a pot specially ordered from Tokyo.

     Honkyo-ji        Old man and well        Well

Honkyo-ji: Poeny