Kannon Elementary School

Canon Elementary School:  Camphor trees x4

Kannon Elementary School

2-1-26 Kannon-machi, Nishi-ku

Camphor trees: 1850m x 4

Located off route 2. The camphor trees are located at the back fence almost opposite the main entrance, the Holly is at the N.E. corner next to the sports ground. Between the trees is the pool.

These three camphor trees and the 1 beside the east warehouse fence withstood the atomic bombing on August 6th 1945. At that time, this was the grounds of the Prefectural Hiroshima #2 Middle School. The school house was partially destroyed in the blast - all that remained was the auditorium, built of reinforced concrete, and the swimming pool. The number of victims at school is unknown. However, 322 first-year students and their four teachers, who were working at that time on an evacuation structure in Shin-cho on Nakajima island all perished.

     Canon Elementary School Camphor trees plaque          canon elementary school pool

Canon Elementary School Holly tree

Kurokane Holly: 1770m

A-bombed in Higashi Kannon-cho.

This tree was burned and scarred in the atomic blast, but budded anew, grew and developed. It was moved here on June 22, 1989 in a prayer for peace.

Donor: Nishimoto Teruo

Person who cooperated in the transfer: Wakiji Niisan

     Canon Elementary School Holly tree plaque